Cemetery Trustees

The Town of Sugar Hill has three cemeteries: Sunnyside located on Route 117 and the Streeter Pond and Hannah Cemeteries located on Streeter Pond Road.
The Sexton is Peter Carbonneau 823-5374 Cell 991-2206

As of 5/22/18:

       “Prior to any burial, NH State Statute requires notifying the town offices with a copy of the death certificate and payment of appropriate fees.”



Full Burial $350.00

Cremation $150.00

To purchase a cemetery lot, please contact the Selectmen’s Office. The cost is $500.00 There are restrictions on who may purchase lots.


  • Beth Perlo
  • Holly Hayward
  • Meri Hern
  • Susan Stith
  • Kathleen Jablonski

The Town of Sugar Hill is pleased to announce that the Sunnyside Cemetery Fence Restoration Project was recognized with a 2015 Annual Preservation Achievement Award by the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance. The town is pleased to accept the award with the Sugar Hill Cemetery Trustees and our contractor for the project Standfast Works Forge. Cemetery Sexton/project manager Peter Carbonneau accepted the award on behalf of the town.