Cemetery Trustees

The Town of Sugar Hill has three cemeteries: Sunnyside located on Route 117 and the Streeter Pond and Hannah Cemeteries located on Streeter Pond Road.
The Sexton is Peter Carbonneau  Cell 991-2206 -email: grounds@sugarhillnh.org

As of 5/22/18:

       “Prior to any burial, NH State Statute requires notifying the town offices with a copy of the death certificate and payment of appropriate fees.”



Full Burial $350.00
Cremation $150.00

To purchase a cemetery lot:  please contact the Selectmen’s Office at 823-8468. The cost is $800.00 for a Full Burial site suitable for four caskets.  Small Burial site suitable for cremated remains is $400.00

There are restrictions on who may purchase lots.


  • Larry Sawyer
  • Lynn Kenerson, Secretary
  • Kathleen Jablonski, Chair
  • Annette Carbonneau
  • Elizabeth Warren

2023 SH Cemetery Rules and Regulations pamphlet
2022.09 SH Cemetery Regs 
Right to Inter Application v2022.05
Interment Designations FINAL 2022


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