Cemetery Trustees

The Town of Sugar Hill has three cemeteries: Sunnyside located on Route 117 and the Streeter Pond and Hannah Cemeteries located on Streeter Pond Road.
The Sexton is Peter Carbonneau  Cell 991-2206 -email: grounds@sugarhillnh.org

As of 5/22/18:

       “Prior to any burial, NH State Statute requires notifying the town offices with a copy of the death certificate and payment of appropriate fees.”



Full Burial $350.00
Cremation $150.00

To purchase a cemetery lot:  please contact the Selectmen’s Office at 823-8468. The cost is $800.00 for a Full Burial site in new section of  Sunnyside Cemetery suitable for four caskets.  Original Sunnyside cemetery has small burial sites suitable for cremated remains for $400.00. Streeter/Hannah Cemetery has Full Burial sites available for $800.00

There are restrictions on who may purchase lots.


  • Larry Sawyer
  • Lynn Kenerson, Secretary
  • Kathleen Jablonski, Chair
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Leo Dickinson

Sugar Hill Cemetery Trustees Request Your Help

Memorial Day is coming up.  The cemetery trustees are trying to assure graves of veterans are properly acknowledged.

If you have family members interred in our Sunnyside and Streeter District cemeteries, please check your family plots over Memorial Weekend and let us know if a marker is missing.

Flags will be placed at all known veteran’s graves in the two weeks prior to Memorial Day.

Cemetery Aware

If you have family graves and are planning visitations, please keep these regulations in mind.  For full rules and regulations visit: https://www.sugarhillnh.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/2022.09-SH-Cemetery-Regs-short.pdf

  • The cemeteries will be open to the public seven days a week during daylight hours. No one shall enter the cemeteries after sundown for any reason. The cemeteries are not maintained for public access during winter months.
  • Pedestrians visiting the cemeteries should avoid walking on grave sites.
  • Domestic pets are allowed in the cemeteries provided they are on a leash and stay on roads and walkways. Pet waste must be cleaned up and disposed of properly. No agricultural animals (e.g. horses, cows, sheep) shall be permitted in the cemeteries.
  • Vehicles are permitted on the roads of the cemetery for the purpose of visiting graves or cemetery business; maximum speed limit is 10 miles per hour.

▪ A tree or shrub may only be planted with approval from the Sexton or the Trustees

Flowers may be placed adjacent to a monument in a sturdy flower container. No glass containers are allowed. When floral arrangements, wreaths, baskets, etc. no longer appear respectful the family will remove the arrangement, or the Trustees or their designee(s) may remove the arrangement.

▪ In-ground planting of flowers on lots with above-ground monuments is allowed. but is limited to an area one foot (1’) in front of the above-ground monument.

▪ Artificial illumination, including (but not limited to) the use of solar devices or “eternal” candles, is not permitted within any lot.

▪ The placement of decorative items such as toys, ornaments, whirligigs, chairs, etc. or any item containing metal or breakable objects will not be permitted. The owner of the lot will be notified for immediate removal. In the event the objects have not been removed after notification, the Trustees or the Sexton will remove the objects.


2023 SH Cemetery Rules and Regulations pamphlet
2022.09 SH Cemetery Regs 
Right to Inter Application v2022.05
Interment Designations FINAL 2022


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